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You are just a few clicks away from enjoying the benefits of the Online Business Registration system.

  • Time-Saving

    Get your application approved within days after your submission.

  • Cost-Saving

    Enjoy fees reduction from the Royal Government of Cambodia and online, easily-navigated system with or without a certified agent.

  • Transparent, Online Payment

    See all listed fees and pay them online within an instant.

  • Digital Documents

    Submit documents and even obtain your licenses/certificates/permits in digital format with equivalent legal value with the physical ones.

  • Hassle-Free Submission

    Submit your information and documents only once, and the next time you file application to any system integrated with the CamDX platform, the system will automatically remember your personal and business information.

Register Your Business in Just 7 Steps

Less steps, easier!

Log in to the Online Business Registration system using CamDigiKey

The Royal Government of Cambodia’s most advanced mobile single sign-on service and your trustworthy authentication system

How To Register Your Business Online

Online Business Registration Phase II


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly-asked questions that you may find useful

Online Business Registration system is the Royal Government of Cambodia’s information technology system for business registration. It was first launched on June 15, 2020 and marks the beginning of one of the Royal Government’s key reforms.

To log in to the business registration portals, you are required to have a CamDigiKey account. For steps to create an account on CamDigiKey, please read the User Guide.

All businesses categorized as small taxpayers and above (or annual turnover from KHR 250 million or around USD 62,500 and above) are eligible.

You can register the business yourself or have anyone do it. However, for types of company other than sole proprietorship, a representative must be an accredited agent if you choose not to do it by yourself.

You can apply to transfer the company information to your CamDigiKey account via the Online Business Registration system. For more information on how to use this function, please refer to the user guide.

Required documents differ based on the form of your enterprise and what licenses/certificates/licenses you would like to apply for. Please refer to the User Guide.

You can update your business address, memorandum/articles of association, business activity, file annual declaration and update company bank account via the Online Business Registration System. Other update functions will be made available soon.

Your business objective and business activity should reflect the nature and actual activity of your business. For free consultation, please contact our hotline number at 081 888 296.

You will be notified via email and on the business registration portal.

An application is returned when the information and documents provided is incorrect and/or insufficient. The application will be returned to request for correction. Resubmission of the returned application does not require applicants to pay for the second time. When it is resubmitted after the correction, the review period will be counted all over again.

A rejected application cannot be resubmitted, meaning the case is closed. If you would like to re-file your application, you are required to file a new application and pay for the new application. For explanation surrounding your rejected application, please contact directly to the Ministry/Institution that rejects your application via our hotline number 081 888 296.

You are required to request for correction through the Online Business Registration system. There is no fee required for this request. For how to use this function, please refer to the user guide.

The total fee varies depending on the form of your enterprise, types of service, number of business activities and​ your taxpayer classification. For details, please refer to the User Guide.

Online payment including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and KHQR is accepted. Payment with credit/debit card of banks other than ABA Bank, ACLEDA Bank and Canadia Bank will be charged 2.3% of the total fees for service charge.

No unless the failure in registration or specialized license application is caused by the system.

Please contact us via Business Registration Service Facebook page or 081 888 296 within 3 days counting from the incident date. In case of being contacted after 3 days, the charged amount will not be refundable.

You will get your business registration, tax registration, notice on the enterprise opening and registration of enterprise establishment in 8 working days if you submit correct and sufficient documents. The review period for other licenses/certificates/permits depends on the type of services. Please refer to the user guide of each ministry/institution to find out more.

For registration at the Ministry of Commerce, please bring two original copies of your company’s Articles of Association to deposit at the Ministry of Commerce. These Articles of Associations will be stamped. If you need the stamped documents for opening your company’s bank account or use for other purposes, please bring more original copies with you. For all licenses/certificates/permits, you may download and print your digital licenses/certificates/permits for your own use.

The digital copies are legally valid. However, if you still need the hard copies for other purposes, you may contact the ministries/institutions to obtain the original hard copies separately.

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