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Who Can Register Businesses Through OBR?

October 11, 2022

Online business registration is the new unified business registration procedure that is fully online and utilizes through IT platform. 

The cost of the registration process is lower than the old method, it takes less time to complete the whole process, and it illustrates clear elaboration from relevant officials which is very convenient for entrepreneurs and attracts foreign investors as well. Entrepreneur is all eligible to register their own business through online business registration as it is user-friendly and secured. However, the registrant must ensure that all information provided is valid and true.

Key elements that makes OBR a user-friendly system:

  1. Access in 2 different languages such as Khmer and English
  2. Illustrate clearly on every steps of the process
  3. Provide comprehensible Feedback
  4. Provide User-guide book to be prepared for the registration
  5. Able to save draft
  6. Illustrate precised and secured payment method
  7. Receive feedback on time
  8. Able to reach out to support team whenever needed.

In case of your application is incomplete, relevant officer will return your application and request for correction. Entrepreneur, agent, official and ministry that have any inquiries or problems can contact our support team through Facebook page, Live Chat, Email, and Hotline 081 888 296 (extension 1).